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James Tonn

Inspiring + Empowering Disruptive Startups

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What I’m Up To For The Next 25 Years

Creating 1,000,000 Exponential Enterprises to Enable Meaningful Living and Expand Human Potential

What I’m Up To Right Now

Ending $100B/year Ad-Fraud By Creating The Fairest, Most Profitable Advertising Marketplace Ever.

Companies / People I’ve Worked With

What Founders Say

For me, James is a cross between Gandalf, Morpheus, and Obe-Wan.  He’s been my advisor, guide, and strategic lifeline on more occasions than I can count.  From brainstorming incredible ideas to mapping out long and short term strategies, he’s helped me exponentially scale my business in both revenue and positive impact.

Giovanni Marsico

Founder, Archangel Masters

Experiencing James in action is AWE inspiring.  He lovingly and firmly guides me where I need it most, and helps bring out the visionary leader in me.  He continually brings forward our company values in decision making, and this alignment directly helped land a 6-figure sponsorship deal within 6-months of my business launching.  He’ a GENIUS with a BIG heart, who just gets it.”

Jennifer Love

Founder, One More Woman

James is a growth astronaut.  He has this incredible ability to 1000x people’s visions and goals so they can make their maximum positive impact on the world.  Not just in theory and vision, but in practical steps that remove bottlenecks and resistance.  For each person he advises, James truly sees their unique peak potential before anyone else.  He also provides masterful and individualized guidance to help them fully actualize it.

Lisa Ferguson

Founder, 1000 Watt Life

James is one of the smartest, kindest and most humble people I’ve ever met.  He easily solves problems few others would dare even attempt.  James uses his substantial intellect to identify root causes, and his deep emotional intelligence to empathize with those negatively affected by the challenge, to imagine and architect a better model.  He is then able to communicate complicated solutions in everyday language for engineers to build.  He makes big ideas possible.

James Wallace

Founder, Tribe

The Future Of Work

  We've aligned our mission with the tidal wave of creative, impact-oriented entrepreneurs that will be massively underserved in the near future.   The Future Of Work, Creativity, and Contribution...
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The New Model For Growth

  In a world of broken incubators, accelerators, and regional innovation hubs, the ExU growth model is unique and aligns the interests of stakeholders, beginning (and ending) with the entrepreneur.   The ExU Growth Model  ...
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The Best 6 Books You’ve Never Heard Of

It bothers me that some of the books that have made the biggest impact on me, nobody knows about.  Maybe they didn’t have proper promotion, or weren’t positioned well, or came from little publishers, or they didn’t have a big enough audience to justify reprints or...
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